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What is a Community Health Centre

and should we have one?  


Healthcare and Wellness Coalition (HAWC) is a group of community members who advocate for Consistent and Sustainable Healthcare in our area

Our goal is to advocate for the right numbers of practicing physicians and other healthcare professionals in the catchment area in order to promote consistent and sustainable health care services for 7 days 

per week including emergency services.


Navigating Healthcare

Services can be Difficult

We attempt to help our catchment area navigate the healthcare system, for patients and their caregivers. We have put together resources and tips if you are trying to care for yourself or others.

Resources by Health Concern

Click  here for a full list of resources by health concern 

7 days per week 

healthcare model

that provides emergency or urgent care services in addition to primary health

steering committee of local representatives

made up of healthcare providers, local doctors and representative from local communities

recruitment of healthcare professionals

collaborate to assist with recruitment to support the 7 days per week model

Our Most Popular Updates

This blog will feature up-to-date information regarding healthcare in our catchment
area, patient stories, doctor status updates, local resource news and more.

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October 17, 2019

For those of you who weren't able to attend in person, here is what happened at the...

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Health Minister Visit

October 1, 2019

Such disappointment Minister of Health Adrian Dix. As local healthcare advocates, on a...

Hospital Petition

June 27, 2019

1. The people of our 4 towns (Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Clinton and Spences Bridge)...

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