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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will our emergency room ever be open 7 days per week?

That is a great question. We certainly hope services  will one day be open 7 days per week with extended hours that will include emergency services.  We are actively lobbying Interior Health and the Ministry of Health to have these conversations to find a solution.

Where can I have my blood pressure taken?

There are a few answers to that question.  If you are concerned about your blood pressure immediately because something doesn't feel right, you should seek immediate medical attention.  Go to the medical clinic if it is open, ask them to help.  Go to the Emergency department if it is open and ask them for help.  If neither are open, find someone to drive you to the nearest doctor or urgent care clinic.  Not an option?  Call 911.

OR you are just interesting in knowing what your blood pressure measures, check out our navigation your health page here.

I take care of my father full time. Is there any help available to us?

There are a few options for you to consider.  Call 811 or go online if you are able to, and ask those questions to see where you can get help.  Your local doctor can guide you to areas of assistance.  Our navigating healthcare page might have some ideas for the path to follow to get some help with your father.

I might need mental health care advice. What do I do?

You might wonder about your own needs, or perhaps someone you know or live with who could benefit from exploring mental health care solutions.  You can call 811 or go online to to ask your questions, and see if you can't find some help there.  You can also go to our Navigating healthcare page , we might have some ideas for you to follow to get some questions answered.  Your family physician should be able to direct you.  

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