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In the Region

Our catchment area includes the Villages of Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Clinton, Spences Bridge and local Indigenous communities.

Issues of Concern

On going issues within our catchment area. From 7-days per week hospital access to emergency room concerns, you'll find them all, in detail, here.

Calendar of Events

Interested in attending events in your area that relate to healthcare and wellness? Check out the events list here for dates, times and locations by area.

Community Resources

Looking for a detailed list of healthcare and wellness resources? You'll find that here. View alphabetically, by health concern or by area.


Articles of Interest to Rural Healthcare

Voices in our community

One post begs the story from another... in May, my 10 yr old daughter had stomach pain, a call to 811 indicated it could be an abdominal aortic aneurysm in her stomach and she should go to the ER asap, she is autistic, no way I could send her in an ambulance, I also have another special needs child, my husband was in another province. I drove at 9pm to Kamloops , and after she was seen and it was deemed not life threatening we had to drive back home at 2am. No full-time ER in Ashcroft sucks!

Concerned Ashcroft Resident

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