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Healthcare and Wellness in Our Community

Healthcare and Wellness Coalition (HAWC) is a group of citizens who are committed advocates for the healthcare and wellness of the communities in the catchment area. The group was established in 2014, and to achieve our objectives we strive to work in collaboration with the villages of Ashcroft, Cache Creek and Clinton, TNRD Areas I and E, the Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice, Interior Health, the Ministry of Health.

Our Key

  • To advocate for a 7 day per week health care model that provides emergency and urgent care services in addition to primary health.
  • To work towards a steering committee, made up of healthcare providers, Interior Health, local physicians, HAWC, representatives from each of the villages and First Nations communities within our catchment area.
  • To collaborate with Interior Health, Division of Family Practice to assist wherever possible in the recruitment of all healthcare professionals required to provide services to the 7 day healthcare model. 

We support recruitment and retention efforts by Interior Health and we will assist to support health care professionals of all disciplines to adapt, integrate, live and work in our communities through positive promotion, the benefits of living in the area, and its resources. We listen to all of our community members and we tell their story and try to speak for them when it comes to healthcare.

“To facilitate the development and sustainability of a consistent health care model for our catchment area that serves the health of the entire area .”


Our Team

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Voices in our community


That the people be made aware of all that is being done to aid and assist the community's medical needs..

Esther Darlington

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